High Gloss & Silk Gloss

Coated or varnished products have a chique, polished look. They require greater care than other products since they are more prone to scratches. High gloss is especially beautiful but very delicate – simply because everything is visible. Therefore it is essential that you take good care of your coated piece of furniture and avoid contact with hard/sharp objects.

Coated products attain their maximal level of hardness after 2 months. Until then we recommend to protect your piece of furniture against high pressure.
Be careful with non-glazed flower pots, picture frames and the sliding of service trays. We highly recommend the use of coasters under objects such as lamps, vases or glasses.

Cleaning with damp (soft!) clothes and maybe a diluted rinsing agent. Never use scouring agents on your coated pieces of furniture. Tenacious stains can be removed with a concentrated rinsing agent and water. Immediately remove any spilled liquids.