Timo is an elegant sofa with refined design, slender legs with a twist, and a lovely seat. Optionally, this designer sofa can be equipped with a very comfortable adjustable backrest. Beautiful with uni-upholstery, but also stunning in a sophisticated combination of leather and fabric.

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Dimensions & Setups

Width x Depth x Height
2,5-seats 220 x 90 x 81cm
3-seats 240 x 90 x 81cm
2,5-seats with 1 arm (dormeuse) 195 x 90 x 81cm
3-seats with 1 arm (dormeuse) 215 x 90 x 81cm
Dormeuse 90 x 220 x 81cm

Seat height: 44 cm

Seat depth: 58 cm

All measurements are approximate